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Operation analysis of AC excitation wind power system based on Crowbar protection control

This is the method of some wind power manufacturers use more, it is equipped with a crowbar circuit in the rotor side of the generator, provides a bypass for the rotor side circuit, detected in power

As more and more AC excited wind generators are connected to the power grid, the new power grid operation rules require generators to remain uninterrupted when the grid voltage drops. In order to protect the rotor excitation power and generator, the Crowbar protection circuit is often used to limit the maximum current of the rotor circuit when the voltage falls. Through simulation, the operation behavior of AC excited wind power system is studied in detail. The influence of voltage sag and bypass resistance on Crowbar protection and the operation characteristics of Crowbar circuit are discussed. The simulation results verify the effectiveness of the Crowbar circuit, and this method can realize the uninterrupted operation of the AC excitation wind generator when the fault is failed.